Teddy, Danny, & Soleil

Soleil joined our family on April 1, 2010.


April 11, 2010

A new family getting to know each other. It was sunny was squinting from the sun.

April 11, 2010

April 11, 2010

My 2 Windair Beauties!

April 11, 2010

Naptime for Danny and Soleil-May 6, 2010


September 30, 2010




January 10, 2011 Soleil is on the left and Danny is on the right. Soleil looks almost the same size as Danny in the pictures but she is actually quite a bit shorter.



Christmas 2011

Our first Christmas with only 2 poodles. Danny is with me and Andy is holding Soleil.





Regarding the lawsuit filed by Hildegard Patton against Carol Kay

Carol Kay and Hildegard Patton have agreed to settle the litigation between them involving several posting and emails on Internet sites maintained by each of them concerning two poodle dogs once acquired by Kay from Patton. Carol, for her part, hereby issues a statement apologizing to Ms. Patton, if the medical information posted on her website concerning the health and medical conditions of the dogs has been construed or interpreted by any readers to impugn the integrity of Hildegard Patton, the name “Gold Star Toy Poodles,” Gold Star Poodles, or of her poodle breeding practices and the quality of her poodles in any way. Ms. Kay’s only intentions were to provide information to assist others in obtaining further knowledge and understanding of canine health.

Hildegard hereby issues a similar statement apologizing to Ms. Kay for statements she posted regarding Ms. Kay which suggested Ms. Kay’s actions in posting the medical information may be the result of any health issues relating to Ms. Kay or to any acts of Ms. Kay.

Both Carol and Hildegard affirm their mutual respect for each other, acknowledge their respective accomplishments and express appreciation that this unfortunate misunderstanding has been mutually resolved and put behind them.

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