Hidden Valley, Lawrenceburg, Indiana January 1, 2011

EOS 7D with 100-400 Canon zoom lens

The bird pictures below were cropped from the original pictures. Even with the 100-400 lens, all of the birds were still very small in their opiginal picture. I am including one of thered tailed hawk photos before cropping. All bird images were of a similar size before cropping.

This is the original, uncropped picture of the red tailed hawk..

This is the cropped version.




A Northern flicker.


Male and female downy woodpecker (the male has the red feathers).


Two does. There used to be so many deer at Hidden Valley. They were not afraid of people and would wander at will. This year, they allowed bow and arrow hunting to try to reduce the herd size. Over 130 have been killed so far. Only the females are allowed to be hunted. Where there once were deer all over the valley, these are the only 2 I saw during my 3 day visit.