Brookfield Zoo September 9, 2010

Canon EOS 7D



The pelicans were rescued from the Gulf, covered in oil from the BP oil rig accident.



The pictures of the monkeys and apes were taken inside the Tropic World Exhibit shooting ISO's of 1250, 2000, and 2500.





It actually rains inside the Tropic World Exhibit (on the animals, not the spectators).





Hmmmm, Let me think about this for a moment.



Red Macaw






A young giraffe with its reflection in the water.



The eagles were located behind a black mesh screen which made getting a good focus difficult.



An immature young eagle


Blue Heron


The following 3 pictures are of Inca Terns found in Chile







This bat was shot with available light at ISO 4000 at 1/40th second shutter speed.