Lakewood Forest Preserve & Independence Grove October 16, 2010

Canon EOS 7D

The following pictures were taken at the Lakewood Forest Preserve located in Wauconda, Illinois. It was originally a country estate. It was purchased by the forest preserve system in 1968.

I liked this picture but felt it needed something so I appliedPoster Edges (an artisitc filiter in PhotoShop).




These leaves had collected in an old, rusted water pump.


This Turkey Vulture was flying very high up. I was using a 55 - 250 zoom lens and the bird was very tiny in the original picture. I was surprised to find this much detail still "seeable."

The following pictures were all taken with teh 55 - 250 Canon zoom lens at Independence Grove. Most of the pictures of birds were taken at a distance.




I was pleasantly surprised to see a Great Blue Heron as I rounded a bend of the path next to the lake. I was expecting him to fly off before I could manage to get a single picture but he actually calmy remained in place allowing to take 50 pictures! I have 5 of the pictures below. I could finally see why the bird is called a Blue Heron. In all previous pictures, taken at quite a distance, they always looked just dark grey.






The Red-Tailed Hawk below was perched high up in a tree.




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