Our Poodle Family Reunion

Below are some pictures from our Poodle Family Reunion, August 1, 2007 - August 3, 2007. It was such a delightful visit. Through our love of poodles, we truly have become a close, loving family.

Here we are!

Back row from left-Mary Loyd with Buttercup, Bub holding Danny, Carol with Teddy and Sonny

Front row-Maureen with Lucy and Molly and Lynn holding Sugar and Trixie


Mary Loyd brought absolutely stunning collar/necklaces for the poodles


Teddy and his collar

Sonny and his color

Danny and his collar


We went to the Chicago Botanic Garden for a ladies morning outing


Here are Mary Loyd and Buttercup-you can see how he adores her!

Mary Loyd and Bub with Buttercup and Danny


Maureen with Lucy and Molly


Lynn with Sugar and Trixie


Maureen with pretty Molly


Mary Loyd made camouflage dresses for Sugar and Trixie and brought a beautiful turquoise one for Molly


Trixie's dress

Sugar's dress

Molly's dress


Here is Maureen's Windair's She's So Fine (Molly)

Brother and Sister-can you tell!