Windair's Yankee Poodle Dandy

Six generation pedigree

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Windair's Yankee Poodle Dandy


Ch Windair's Sly Dawg

Cerenau Royal Flame

Cerenau PD of Evening Sunkis

CH Sunkis Red Wol f..
Ch Vananne Cherokee
Ch Kisbur Red Hot Chili Pepper
Anne's Amber Dream
Fairviews Frankly Scarlet
Ch Rider's Bit O'Sunshine
Top Traditions Really Red
Kisbur Sunkis Honey
Kisbur Cayenne
Ch Kisbur Cayenne
Kisbur Tropicana
Fairview Butterscotch
Sunkis Orange Spice
Ch Harten Backdraft


Ch Vesa Jo-Rav Royal Rogue

Terrace Hills Image of Ve Sa

Ve Sa Bobbi Jo-Zan


Ch Merrybrooks Ruby Slippers

Ch Pin Oak Kio TP
Roy's Hot Spiced Cider
Carlens Ruby Jewel

Carlens Goldfinger


Ch Evanz Good Guys Wear Black TP
Helga's Dulcie Denise

Carlens Jewel

Windair's Red Head
Ch Rider's Hot Diggity Dogg
Ch Rider's Bougie Sundance Kid
Beaujolais' Sienna Sun Rider TP

Ch Beaujolais' Double Accent

Beaujolais' Kiss My Red Ash

Ch Rider's Autumn Sundance

Ch Rider's Radiant Robin Rojean

Rider's Fancy Sundrop

Canichon Rousse A La Rouille

Ch Rider's Radient Robin Rojean

ChLynn's Sunshine Superman

Ch Ruthye Rampan's Sweet Honey

Rider's Red Amber Fire

Ch Ounce O Bounce Friar Tuck

Rider's Red Dancer

Windair's Red Cherry
Windair's Buckwheat
Windair's Lil Red Firefly  
Windair's Latest Gossip  
Windair's Wild Cherry
Windair's Gold Card  
Windair's Flaming Red Star  
Windair's Chanel
Sangai Highland Scott
Ch. Dalin Nat King Cole At Sangai
Ch CinDon Keep the Peace
Ch Dalin Cordaroy
AM CH Highview Dalin Jigaboo TP
Dalin Cordavan TP
Ch CinDon Keepsake
CH Bellview Ready Willing N Able TP
Cin-Don Stix And Stones TP
Dalin Natalie Cole

Ch Dalin Iceland

AM JAP CH Dalin Cordaroy TP
AM CH Dalin Tralana
Dalin Nicole Simpson
Dorchelle Dalin One-Eighty
Laurelbury Harlequiness
Pamper's White Tiffany
Pampers What in the Sam Hill
Ch Koehls Just In Time

AM CH Koehl's Legend In Time

AM CH Koehl's Sweet Ariel TP
Junipers Spoiled Brat
AM CH San-Gai's Small Talk
Kymoor's Pride O'bristol Cream
Sangai Pampers Viva Royal
Ch Tuttlebees Royal Knight
ENG CH Seabrook Don't Bug Me
Tuttlebees Royal Style
HellsaBlazen Gold Star Kiss
AM CH Hellsablazen The Rite Stuff
AM CH Hells A Blazen Show Off
Windair's Real Motion
Ch Melmar-Calais Seize The Cat
AM CH Ted-El Seize The Moment TP.
AM/CAN CH Camelot Seize The Day
AM CH Camelot Cup Of Tea
AM CH Camelot Bahama
AM CH Ted El Hippie Chick
AM CH Camelot Come Blow Your Horn TP
AM CH Ted-El Taffeta TP
AM CH Melmar's G'morning America
AM CH Arjas White Lightning O'melba II
Monhollan Jacabo Paper Mache
Arja's Vanity Fair
Melmar's Windy Day TP
Jovan The Thriller
Melba's Misty Morning
Excell Exhilaration
CH Excell Itsa Guything TP
AM CH Laurelbury Durandel Durango TP
AM CH Durandel Detective TP
AM CH Laurelbury Wyche Wyndham TP
AM CH Excell Ex-Clusive TP
AM CH Excell Expresso TP
AM CH Excell Victoria TP
Excell Calista
AM CH Koehl's Highway To Heaven

AM CH Koehl's Legend In Time


Royall's Vanilla Cream



Excel Frangelica
Excel's Classic Billonaire
Cocoa Kahlua Vi